FORGET THE PREVIOUS POST it wasn’t done yet

clean lineart?? shading?? pfft what are those

so. yeah.


a quick dr. haruno because i’m in love with older sakura’s hair

1. B)

2. Thank you! (My mission here is done u3u)

3. due me fucking up, the 3rd ask had to be cropped down

4. /clapping along/ I’m honoured 

5. B) heck ye

6. i already answered this, in my country school works in a little different way (and it’s certainly wasn’t because i was so brilliant, ha)

7. mm that’s nice, i don’t watch it tho, but yeah. that’s about what i was aiming for. awkward sip

8. thank you! :) i promise i will

9. i have a FAQ and the blog description also mentions that i don’t take requests (especially not-naruto-or-hetalia-related ones)

10. itanaru is wicked delicious but one couldn’t actually expect to find many fanwork for this pairing if we want to be real :c

11. me too B)

12. Thank you! :D

13. Hi! Well, first of all, i hate that ship. Second, i don’t take requests either.

14.  Haha, i’d like to see what children’s book author would hire a 15 year old but hey! Thank you u///v///u

15. Hello! That wouldn’t be the best idea in my opinion. Chibis are super-defomed humans; you should learn normal anatomy first, then try to deform it! Good luck :)

16. thanks man! :D sorry tho, i don’t take requests

17. Haha thank you!  ´ /// ▽/// ` )ノ


this is something i drew for a ghost!AU comic about a month ago which i never finished

ino doesn’t know about the losers who live with sakura

you can imagine what happened 

Almost Every Single Naruto I’ve Ever Drawn 

my style; more like fucking inconsistent 

not in chronological order; also i’m a little embarrassed by some of them now but w/e, they’re all my drawings, they’re all my kids

/points at subtle inosaku hint

/can’t stop making dick jokes about naruto swallowing frogs and crows/

also, guilty pleasure ship ≖‿≖

1. K guys, you can’t seem to let go of this question so here’s the harsh truth: it’s a random guy. Or girl. Or nonbinary person. From the streets, from Naruto’s life after the war. They’re not even an OC because i didn’t even bother to give them a face or a name. Absolutely faceless. Because here’s a fact: this Naruto right here is going to meet new people, going to spend his years on earth with his heart and mind open, going to explore and experience and yes, he’s going to live an interesting, adventure-filled life which doesn’t end after the fourth ninja war is over only to fall into monotony and boredom, living the same story with the same people because his character doesn’t work like that in my eyes. Instead of jumping into bed with his whole circle of friends and acquaintances, he’s going to engage in sexual intercourses with brand new people he started a relationship with in a romantic way with romantic purpose. That’s the solution. Here it is. I left the question open so anyone can think what they want, but if you need an answer from me, it’s here. And man i’m sorry, i absolutely carried this one away.

2. Thank you bae! :) I drew it off the top of my head, there was no inspiration involved.

3. happy to hear that man! thanks! u3u

4. Come here and let me hug you you absolute sweetheart!! This message made me so happy, thank you! ´ ▽ ` )ノ

kiss art challenge #5

fruk, kiss on the neck

arthur sometimes got out of hand which often called for drastic solutions

can’t stop won’t stop

SO dattebae asked me one day if i wanted to do a collab and i was like hell yes then she asked me if i knew ava’s demon and i said no then i read it and i was like hell yes (again, thanks bae) then she said what if we drew a crossover or AU or somethin and i was like heeeeell yessss 

when her kakashi’s done we’re gonna make a post with the complete thing, the whole team (・∀・ ) (i’ve already seen her sakura and holy shit. holy shit it was beautiful)

and here they are - my nardo, sauce, and their demons. kurama humanised was first seen on this blog about two months ago, then he got a bit demonised a few days ago for the sake of this AU. sasuke almost got something snaky or hawky or straight up orochimaru as his demon before i saw the light. in the end the demon’s based on sasuke’s armoured susano’o (eternal mangekyō sharingan version).

and dang, this was fun uvu

don’t look at me don’t look at this ugly ship don’t look at this disgrace

So I really want to learn to draw but is 15 too late? Everyone says they started really young and I'm nervous that I started too late in life.

/grabs your face

listen to me.

Never is too late