Heii i love your art *^* can you do some naruhina??

I’m happy to hear that but the miniFAQ is on my blog for a reason, please read it ;u;
(I’m also going to post a shiplist later - it’ll be available on my blog as a link too - to make things easier!)

kakashi asking sakura to check on his good old pal, maito gai, even though he knows his best friend probably died long ago

sakura tries to find some information on the guy, and there it is.

maito gai. 102 years old. still alive. goes jogging every morning

phoenixyfriend said: Do they follow her to school and such? Mess with Ino if she comes over?

Leaving the house was always difficult and they never quite succeeded in leaving its 200 meter radius, but they found out that travelling with Sakura makes it easier. It’s mostly Naruto who follows her around and Sakura’s gotten pretty good at ignoring him, his whining, his snarky remarks on her daily conversations and the never-deceasing wonder he looks at the slightly moderner world with.

Kakashi and Naruto love haunting people, and sometimes, when he’s getting really annoyed with the visitors, Sasuke joins them too.

@hinacakess said: All these logical reasons and then you have this dork nardo that ended his life by falling of the damn stairs

that’s literally the reason i made this AU

can you imagine. naruto’s body lying in front of the staircase, his soul slowly emerging from the corpse - he’s hella confused, then kakashi enters the room, finding the sight extremely amusing; sasuke comes to see what happened and now he’s smirking too - naruto’s screaming something about knowing this fucking place was haunted but of course his fucking friends didn’t believe him ugh

all of them are surprised when the third owner of the house after naruto’s death can see them right away, even though she’s as alive as one can be. or, more like hear them first, specifically naruto, shouting how nice it is to have a pretty girl in the house for a change because god knows how bored he was getting in the middle of this long-run sausage party

phoenixyfriend said: Kakashi is a bit obvious, but I can’t really get a fix on Naruto and Sasuke’s eras based on just their clothing… Hint?

(Haha yeah, i didn’t really have the patience for details) Sasuke died around 1910 (he keeps the cause in secret), Kakashi died in a bombing in WW2 (the house got reconditioned later) and Naruto died in the ’90s by falling down the stairs after a sport injury, and breaking his neck.

i can’t make normal AUs to save my life

sakura’s house is haunted by 3 ghosts who died there in different time periods

at first she was self-conscious about having three men in her home 0-24 but nowadays she just can’t bring herself to give a fuck

hey. here is a dead naruto

i don’t really have any excuses except that i was listening to this piece of shit music

only 3 months left, time to get excited!!ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ

i’m not the one for love stories but this movie looks so gorgeous i’ll definitely watch it in the cinema

Do you have any tips for someone who uses the same tablet as you? I haven't been drawing on it very long, so I'm still trying to figure out what works best.

Not really, sorry. As soon as i figured out what the little button on the pen, and the two buttons on the tablet do i knew i could live with that information for a lifetime. (And to be honest there really isn’t anything else to know.) You might want to customise what your buttons do tho, but i think the default setting is the most practical.

(Also, if your tablet is being a little shit and the cursor has gone crazy make sure you have the touch off. I had problems with that many times.)

sorry if you have answered this before, but what drawing tablet do you use?

wacom bamboo!

neji is such a  beautiful boy tho

progress, bc why not

1. sketch

2. lineart

3. fugly colours

4. duplicated the layer, changed the brightness and hue of the copy (it became darker and slightly purple), erased the copy on places that catch light (=shading)

5. i put the sketch layer over the drawing in overlay mode with 30% opacity

6. background

7. editing + cyan highlights in overlay mode

8. patience and magic details

(i’m fuckin naruto garbage, can’t even draw anything not naruto-related without making it naruto-related first)

weeb trash alfred surviving a break up with ice cream and anime

matthew suspects his brother stopped mourning his ex-girlfriend in the 8th minute. every single tear after that moment has probably fallen for jiraiya

She’s eating liptauer and bread :D (you should try it out too, it’s really easy to make and it’s delicious)