progress, bc why not

1. sketch

2. lineart

3. fugly colours

4. duplicated the layer, changed the brightness and hue of the copy (it became darker and slightly purple), erased the copy on places that catch light (=shading)

5. i put the sketch layer over the drawing in overlay mode with 30% opacity

6. background

7. editing + cyan highlights in overlay mode

8. patience and magic details

(i’m fuckin naruto garbage, can’t even draw anything not naruto-related without making it naruto-related first)

weeb trash alfred surviving a break up with ice cream and anime

matthew suspects his brother stopped mourning his ex-girlfriend in the 8th minute. every single tear after that moment has probably fallen for jiraiya

She’s eating liptauer and bread :D (you should try it out too, it’s really easy to make and it’s delicious)

hetalia wips (=゜ω゜)

alternative end line: “keep it in your pants”

i’m working on an AU where naruto thinks more like normal people and less like the lovechild of jesus christ and buddha

sometimes u just gotta doodle shit like this

[ninja derulo intensifies]

Hey love your naruto art! Mm I love naruto my fave character but I like him hurt even more for some reason XD question! Whats this "naruto pilot" story u mention? Link? Name?

Thank you! :)
It’s basically the 0th chapter of the Naruto manga. It’s fun to see how Kishi started with an idea entirely different from the story we know now.

uh this took so long i don’t even have the energy to celebrate

i think i forgot to eat lunch while drawing this

Have you drawn very much sasunaru?

No, only one or two half-assed times. I don’t know why not more; i actually like this ship? I guess it’s just never the first thing that comes to my mind when i start drawing.

First of all, i’m so sorry for the late answers

i don’t even know what am i doing

i just wanted to play around with this gif

then i ended up painting over the first frame? (i thought man how cool would it look like if i redrew the whole gif but it’s made of 17 frames and i’m only human. so i took an other direction instead)

the idea of human kurama couldn’t leave me alone


don’t even ask